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Hello, and welcome to the Intergalactic Smokers Club or Intergalactic Smokers Blog. Whichever you prefer, as long as you love the "Green Lady" there's a place here for you my friend. Learn about different cannabis strains, their potency levels, and their medicinal properties among other great things.

Intergalactic Smoker's Blog connects cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike with information on different cannabis strains. Learn about process of growing cannabis, learn about classic strains that are staples in the cannabis community, and learn about where these strains come from and their lineage. Providing honest input on what strains are all hype and which ones are worth trying out. Ultimately this blog is for those who are interested in gaining knowledge about the cannabis plant and for those finding out what marijuana strain works best for them. Or if you are just interested in cannabis culture this is for you. Regardless if you're a person who is new to using cannabis or a longtime user. Now that we got all that out the way, enjoy the website and join the club to get updates on everything that's to come. Thank you for visiting and checking out of Intergalactic Smoker's Club.

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